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How to stick to your diet at Christmas time

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If you have been on a diet for a while and have successfully shed a few pounds, Christmas can seem like a huge danger zone. How can you enjoy Christmas and still keep to your diet. How can you manage to join in and not seem like a party pooper? By planning ahead and following a few guidelines, you can get enjoy Christmas and stick to your diet.
What you'll need: 
Pocket Calorie Counter
Small box for snacks
Decide what you want to achieve over the festive season. Do you want to continue to lose weight at the same rate or do you plan to relax a little and just make sure you maintain your weight?
You know when you are most vulnerable. What is your main downfall? Is it crisps, nuts, chocolates. Take some low calorie alternatives with you when you know you will be faced with such temptation such as grapes, pieces of apple or olives.
Make up your mind each day how you are going to approach the day. Allow yourself a day or two of relaxed eating and a day or two keeping strictly to your diet. Plan according to your social calendar.
Plan a trip to the gym, the swimming pool or a good long walk every other day during the festive season. If you are having some time off work, make the most of it to do some more exercise.
Don't go to an event really hungry. Eat some of your low calorie diet food before you go and drink plenty of water. Then when you say to your host 'I am not very hungry', you will mean it.
Choose healthy options - plenty of plain vegetables (not in sauces or butter). Take the skin off any chicken or turkey and cut fat off meat. Cut the the pastry off a meat pie and avoid mince pies altogether.
Nuts are healthy but high in fat and calories. 5 or 6 a day are good for you, but no more.
Encourage everyone to go for a walk after Christmas dinner. It will give everyone a chance to exercise off some calories and take you away from the temptation of the chocolates.
Eat slowly, and chat! Eating slowly is good for your digestion, and will give your body more time to tell you it is full. Chatting will keep your mind off the food and on enjoying being with friends.
You can stick to your diet at Christmas, but only you can decide. Think how great you will feel in the New Year when you are another few pounds lighter!
Use as small a plate as possible, it will make your portion look bigger.
Have a pocket sized calorie counter with you to help you make decisions
Most alcohohlic drinks are high in calories.


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