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How to stay super healthy

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Every once in a while we plan to start a new healthy diet diary and quickly discard it. Are you in this category? For most of us this will mean quitting bad habits, stepping up the exercise regime, taking time out to relax, making the effort to drink more water and up our fruit and vegetable intake. It is easier to stick to plans to improve your health if you have a solid reason to do so, and if you can find a way to make it interesting.
Be happy the holistic way: sex, dancing, singing, walking in beautiful natural spots, spending time with friends and laughing, all play a vital role in a well rounded approach to happiness.
Throw yourself into good deeds: random acts of kindness has been shown to trigger the release of stress busting, mood lifting endorphins. Some ideas? Smile at a stranger, send a friend a thoughtful card, help out a confused tourist, offer to do your frazzled friend's shopping.
Try the new spinning: this is a fast paced workout you haven't tried before, take this on it could be perfect for you. This is a new piece of kit, like a slimline cross trainer but used in a class by fitness trainers.
Turn Japanese: a healthy Japanese diet packed with healthy omega-3 rich oily fish and vitamin dense seaweed. It has B vitamins and vitamin K, and probiotics which aid in absorption of the vitamins and help with overall digestion.
Get the salad habit: this will help balance your blood sugar and prevent diabetes. It also eases cravings and fills you up before eating out.
Get a pet: it may be like a commitment if you don't already have one of our four legged friends, but it really is one of the best things you can do to your well being.
Load up on beans: they are all round super foods and an ideal alternative to meat. One cupful can provide up to 17g fiber, important to the digestive system and heart.
Go Nordic: expect that the Scandinavian diet to be a big thing this season. Think kale and cabbage, both eaten raw for maximum benefits and oily fish, herring and trout, and lean, iron rich game meat such as venison.
Why wait for next year, start now to make the resolve to change your diet and get a new beautiful you.


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