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How to sign up for Barclays Cycle Hire in London

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London is launching a cycle hire scheme sponsored by Barclays Bank, which allows anyone in the city to pick up a bike from a designated docking station, and use the bike, before returning it to the same or another docking station. This How To will tell you how to sign up for the cycle hire scheme and what you need to do to use the bikes on offer. The cycle hire scheme launched on Friday 30th July with about 5000 bikes at 400 docking stations, before the scheme had launched over 11,000 people had signed up for it.
What you'll need: 
Credit or debit card
Bicycle clips (optional)
Cycle helmet
Firstly you will need to register to become a member, at the moment this can only be done online, follow the link at the bottom of this guide to get to the right page. Eventually they plan to allow people to signup at the docking stations.
You will need to pay for access using a credit or debit card, unfortunately they do not allow cash or, surprisingly, Oyster cards.
You have to buy a once off membership key for £3 to gain access to the bikes.
There is a access fee of £1 for 24 hours, then after that you pay by the hour for usage, although the first half an hour is free.
Once you have paid you can use the membership key to unlock a bike from the docking station.
When you have finished using the bike you have to place it in the same or another docking station. If you arrive at a docking station and they are all full you can get another 15 minutes to give you time to cycle to another station and park up.
You should now be able to sign up for the cycle hire scheme and get a bike from one of the designated docking stations.
Check the terminal map to see if there is an empty docking station when you wish to return your bike.
Get annual membership if you plan to use this service regularly, as it will be much cheaper than hiring by the day.
If you don't park the cycle at a designated docking station when you have finished with it you could end up with a £150 fine.


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