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How to sew a button

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When a button comes off a garment it is easy to sew it on again. If you have the original button, that is ideal. If not, check your garment for any hidden spare buttons sewn onto the inside. If you still have no button, search your button box or try The Button Company online (link at end of article.)
What you'll need: 
A suitable button
Thread a similar colour to your garment and button
Needle that fits through the hole in your button
If you can see where the previous button was located then start there. If you cannot see it, check where the button should go by lining it up with the buttonhole.
Cut a length of thread. Thread the needle. Put a knot in the end of the thread. Push the needle through the fabric where the button needs to go, with the knot ending up on the reverse side of the fabric.
Make a couple of stitches on top of one another by taking your needle back through the fabric a couple of millimetres from where it cam through. Then go back over this again twice.
Place the button where your stitches are and take your needle through one of the holes in the button. Take the needle back through the opposite hole and back down through the fabric. Do not pull the thread tight. Repeat about seven times.
If there are four holes in your button, repeat this in the other two buttons.
When you have finished take the needle so it is between the button and the fabric. Wind the thread about five times around the base of the button and around your stitching.
Then take the needle through to the reverse of the fabric and do a couple of stitches over the top of each other. Cut the thread close to the stitch.
Your garment is as good as new.
Before you sew, put a toothpick or similar between the button and fabric to leave space for the buttonhole
If you see a button coming lose, take it off and sew it on again.
Keep old buttons in a box, they can be useful.
If you can't find the right button, yo can always change all the buttons!
Don't use too many stitches, it can start to look messy.


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