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How To Setup A Barcode System

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There are numerous devices available for transmitting bar codes over terminal services. A vast number of these have their own terminal screen built in to view data, which is then transmitted over a network. Depending on scanning requirements and budget, devices come with various levels of functionality, such as the ability to individually program devices to collect data in a variety of ways including bar codes and numeric entry. Devices can be directly connected to a computer, and some provide the ability to store scanned codes prior to data transfer.
What you'll need: 
PC Software
Local Area Network
Shop around for a suitable bar code solution. The type of device required will depend on the functions required and the budget available. List the functions required and budget to see what is available in the price range. There is very little point in buying a device which is too sophisticated for the task required.
Design the layout of the devices and the set up for the bar code scanner. This includes consideration of the computers and other data gathering devices the scanner will be connected to. This also includes the ports, wires, software and any other hardware required to connect up your network including the scanner.
Read the documentation that comes with the scanner. This will help with the set up of the system and assist in resolving any problems as well as having a support number on hand. Understanding what your scanner is capable of and what each function is for will greatly enhance your experience with the device in a shorter time period.
Commence scanning. Depending on your device, data should be transferable to a host computer directly from the bar code scan using a USB cable, WiFi network (if wireless), or using other methods such as a micro-relay system.
Process the data. Once you have gathered your bar code data it is ready for processing on a main computer or other device in the setup previously designed.


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