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How to set up an event on Facebook

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Facebook is a social networking site founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. With over 500 million users as of July 2010, it has become the world’s most popular networking website. In its infancy, its membership extended only to Harvard students enabling them to share information and course material with one another; little did Mr Zuckerberg and his counterparts know it would grow into the worldwide phenomena it is today. Facebook works by allowing the general sharing of information between friends across the globe. Users are also able to create events. Events are a good way to alert friends to birthday parties and gigs or any occasion you might be planning. This guide will show you how to create an event assuming that you already have a facebook account.
What you'll need: 
The Internet
A Facebook account
Log onto facebook by entering your email address and password into the required boxes on the main page (
You will be taken directly to your homepage where all the newsfeed items appear. Hit the Events option located down the left hand side of the page.
The next page will show you any events you may have been invited to already. Towards the top of the page is an icon called “create an event”. Select this icon.
Now you are on the create events page. Here you have to fill in information about your event. Information like; the date, the start and finish time, the purpose/nature of the event, the location, and additional information. The additional information section is where you can go into detail about your event.
The penultimate part on this page is called “who’s invited”. Hit the “select guest” box and invite the friends you wish to attend your event. Simply click on a persons face to select them (or click again to de-select them). Once finished, hit save and close.
Next there are 2 tick boxes to negotiate. The first concerns who can view your event and the second concerns whether you wish to display your guest list on your events page. If you want your event to be public where anyone can view and RSVP to it then tick the box. If you wish for it to remain private (only accessible to the people you have invited) then leave the box unticked.
If you wish for the guest list to appear on your events page then please tick the box. If not, please leave the box unticked.
Once you are satisfied with all the information you have entered, hit “create event” and all the friends you invited will be immediately be notified of your event.
You have now completed your facebook event. You can view your event the same way in which you created it. From your homepage, hit the events option on the left hand side and from the proceeding page select the event you have created. Here you can see which friends are attending, which are not attending and the fence sitters that are “maybe”attending. You can add messages to your events wall at any time notifying friends of any updates or changes.
You can edit your event any time you wish by going into your events page and selecting the “edit events” icon. You may wish to jazz up your event by adding photos, videos or links to the wall. Below the wall you will see icons allowing you to do so.
If you want your event to be private, make sure you untick the public event box stated earlier in the guide. If you are throwing a private party you may not want this information accessible to an entire facebook community. There are no other warnings to mention as any mistakes you make can be rectified by a simple editing correction.


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