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How to sell unwanted items

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There are numerous ways to sell unwanted items that either are free or do require a small fee which are very easy.
What you'll need: 
You can sign up for an account with eBay and list your items for a small fee. If you do want to list your item for free, start an auction at £0.99 or wait for days when eBay offers free listing.
In your front yard you can have a car boot sale, notify all your neighbours and friends. You can also put listings online. This doesn't require any money and people will be coming to you to purchase items.
For a small fee you can hire a stall at a car boot or jumble sale if you have a lot of unwanted items. You could also pair up with somebody else so you only pay half the price of hiring a stall.
If you have valuable goods sell them at your local pawn broker, they may not offer you the highest fee however it is simple, easy and free.
List advertisements for your products on websites such as craigslist.


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