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How to score a game of Darts

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It is thought that the game of darts first originated when soldiers threw short arrows at the bottom of tree trunks as the formulating cracks in the wood created natural sections. Soon regional standards appeared and the game’s popularity took off. The game then moved to the bottom of wine barrels. There is no question that the game has somewhat evolved since then. The game remains a traditional pub favourite and also is played professional, mainly in the UK and across the commonwealth. Each section is numbered with its value; the outer ring on the board is the double ring and the inner ring is the triple ring. If you hit a triple 17, you score 51. If you hit double 20, you score 40 and so on. The centre circle is the bull’s eye, worth 50 points and the ring around that is worth 25 points. After reading this guide, next time you are in a pub and fancy a chuck, you’ll be able to score a good game of darts.
What you'll need: 
A dartboard
A Blackboard
The standard game begins with 2 players starting on 501. Although, there are many variations to this rule; a game can be played in pairs, a game can start from 301, a game may require a double-in (hitting any double before you begin the game). However, this guide will stick with the standard one on one starting from 501.
For the first game, to decide who begins, each player will throw one dart as close to the bulls eye as possible. The closest player will start the game. For each successive game, players will take turns starting.
Okay, quiet please, game on! Player 1 will now throw 3 darts at the board, add up their score and deduct this score from 501, writing down there remaining score on the blackboard. Player 2 will follow suit.
This will continue until you are able to checkout. To successfully finish a game, a player has to end on a double. E.g. if player 1 has 40 remaining, then they have to hit double 20 to win the game.
You can finish on any double providing that is the number you have remaining. E.g. 2 remaining = double 1, 4 remaining = double 2 and so on.
If you miss your double and hit another number carry on deducting the regular way. E.g. Player 1 needs double 20 but hits 5, they now have a score of 35 remaining, so the best thing to do is aim for 15 with the second dart, leaving 20, then with the last dart, aim for double 10.
If a player 1 exceeds their checkout value then they are ‘bust’ and it is player 2’s go. E.g. If player 1 needs double 5, but hits 20, then that’s there go over, it’s player 2’s turn.
The first to hit their double wins the game.
Standards vary, but traditionally you play the best of 5 games to win the set and the best of 5 sets to win a match. If a match reaches 2 sets all, the deciding set must be won by 2 clear games.
Game, set and match! You are now ready to take on your pals down the pub, or the old veteran sat at the bar.
When throwing a dart, it is best to aim from the side of your right eye, (if you are right handed, left for left handers).
A couple of drinks may help to steady the nerves and relax the arm.
Do not drink too much.


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