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How To Save Money Within A Month

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Most of us need to save money or rather not spend the money we just don't have. Writing a proper plan and setting a budget are the long term solution but sometimes a quick financial detox is what you need to get you started.Try this for a month.
What you'll need: 
Computer access
Paper and pen
Work out the smallest amount of cash you need each week - this is for food, esssential travel with a small amount for emergencies. Take the money out of the cash point (weekly) and then lock up your credit / debit card.
Make your lunches to take to work, remember to also take snacks, they will be much cheaper from the supermarket. Fill up your water bottle from the tap.
Coffee shops are forbidden, if there are no tea or coffee making facilities at work then take a thermos - you could save up to £20 a week.
You can still enjoy yourself but rather than going out invite friends round for a bottle of a wine - making sure you all share the cost. Avoid shopping deprivation by having a clothes and unused make up and toiletries swap.
Resist joining the gym and share the cost of a work out DVD with a friend, better still they may have one already which you can use for free. You'll have a new exercise buddy and you'll be losing rather than spending pounds.
Stay away from the shops.
Try walking rather than taking the bus, tube or car.
Give yourself an online financial makeover, check the interest rate of your bank account, your mobile phone tariff, insurances and utilities and then make the changes.
By the end of the month you should be pleasantly surprised by how little you have spent. From this point you should be able to see how you can realistically live on less and plan for a more solvent future.


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