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How to run a Beauty Menage

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This is a way of saving for items which can be expensive and hard to justify in times of economic hardship, such as hairdressing or beauty treatments and for making yourself a little extra. It’s a kind of savings club. I have run one of these myself in the past, and shops are usually quite happy to go along with it.
What you'll need: 
20 friends and relatives
Record cards (home made are fine)
Confidence to talk to shopowner
Find 20 friends and/or relatives and neighbours who would be interested in joining up and explain the basics to them, as set out below. They will each contribute £1 per week for 20 weeks. Each contributor will then receive a £20 voucher for the designated salon when it is their turn.
Approach a local salon (independent ones are best, rather than a shop which is part of a chain) and explain what you are doing. Ask them if they are prepared to participate. It’s unusual for them to refuse as they are looking at a guaranteed revenue of at least £400 over the 20 weeks. If you have difficulty persuading a shop to join in, because the owner does not have a presence in the shop, ask them for the name of the decision maker in this kind of thing and contact them direct. Or pick another shop.
Ask them if they would be willing, therefore, to pay you commission of 5% on this in the form of a voucher for yourself. So if the ménage value totals £400, you would receive a £20 voucher, or alternatively, ask for a free hairdo or beauty treatment.
Make a list of the 20 people who wish to join the ménage and give each a number between 1 and 20. This will be the week in the cycle when they receive their voucher. Be prepared for people to ask to change their week number! This is possible, as long as no more than 1 person receives their voucher in the same week.
Make a payment card for each contributor and make a payment record card for yourself, listing all contributors down the side, and the week numbers across the top. Collect £1 from each person per week and mark it off on their payment card and on your own records. Do this at the point where you collect from them so they can see it’s been recorded on your card as well as theirs
Each week, when you have the £20 collected, take it to the shop and exchange it for a voucher, and present this to the contributor whose turn it is to receive it. At the end of the 20 weeks, collect your commission voucher from the shop.
If any of the contributors want to take 2 shares, giving them double the amount, then that’s fine. However, you have to extend the period of the ménage by one week for each extra share. Each extra share must be classed as ‘another person’ in the ménage
You can run this as any kind of ménage – not cash, though, as you would run into ‘money lending’ rules and regulations. The £1 per week and the 20 contributors are only suggestions - you can vary it if you wish. But see warning below!
Tell contributors the day and approximate time you will collect each week and stick to it
Don't run it at more than a couple of pounds per week. People will default


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