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How to Roast a Chicken

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The roast chicken is the perfect Sunday lunch, accompanied by vegetables and roast potatoes. Roasting a chicken is very straightforward - timing is everything, of course, and combined with an apple and onion stuffing, is simply delicious.
What you'll need: 
Roast Chicken without giblets
Salt and Pepper
Olive Oil
2 tsps ground tumeric
Roasting tin
Basting brush
Note the weight of your chicken. You'll need to roast your chicken for 20 minutes per 450g, plus around 15 minutes extra. So, for example, if your chicken is 1.8kg, you'll roast it for (4 x 20) 1 hour 20 minutes PLUS a further 15 minutes, so 1 hour 35 minutes in total. Now heat the over to gas mark 5 (190˚C).
To prepare the chicken, place into a deep roasting tin and splash on the olive oil generously. I prefer to use olive oil, but you can instead put around 20g of butter under the skin - this saves worrying about having to drain the oil off if you're going to make gravy after.
If you're using stuffing, now's the time to stuff the neck of the chicken (see Resources for stuffing recipes). You can also put an peeled onion in the rear of the chicken to really bring out the flavours.
Rub the tumeric all over the chicken. This will help give it a glorious colour as well as crisp up the skin. As an alternative, many people prefer to use "All Spice".
Season generously with salt and pepper and place in the oven.
I find that basting the chicken every 20 minutes ensures that the juices are running through the chicken during the cooking process
Once cooked, leave the chicken to stand for 30 minutes before carving and serving.
Chicken juices should run clear and the meat should more or less fall off the bone when it's fully cooked.
Never undercook white meat, such as chicken or pork. Ensure it's fully cooked before serving.


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