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How to Ripen Green Tomatoes Indoors

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So you have spent all summer growing and tending your small crop of tomatoes, picking off the ones that ripen and go red to eat for your lunch, but you get to Autumn and you still have lots of green or yellow unripened tomatoes on the vines. What do you do? Well actually there are lots of things you can do. In this guide I will explain a handy way of ripening them indoors.
What you'll need: 
Green Tomatoes
A Box
Some newspaper
A banana (optional)
Pick your green and yellow tomatoes from the plants and chuck out any that are bad. Give them a quick clean, it is advisable not to wash them though.
Get a box, such as a shoe box or cardboard box and line it with newspaper.
Now place a layer of tomatoes on top of the newspaper, and then a layer of newspaper on top of them. Keep layering them until you have filled the box or run out of tomatoes.
Put your box of tomatoes in a dry place that does not have a wide variation in temperatures. You want them to have a consistent conditions, out of the frost but also not too hot.
Check on your fruit once a week and remove any that have ripened or that have spoiled.
If you have some very stubborn tomatoes - then this is where your banana comes in - a ripening banana will release ethylene, which will help speed up the ripening process. Make sure to check the banana doesn't spoil if you add one.
There are a few methods to ripen yellow or green tomatoes in your house, this one uses a cardboard box and an optional banana or help aid with the production of ethylene which the tomatoes will give off naturally to ripen themselves.


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