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How to rid your lawn of humps and hollows

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Have you ever looked out on your lawn and wished you could neaten it up by getting rid of those unsightly pits and bumps? It is, in fact, remarkably simple to even up your garden. Here's what to do:
What you'll need: 
Sharp spade or half moon edger
Make sure the area of grass you are working on is moist.
Using your edger or spade, make a cut, about 4-5cm long, through the affected area.
Now cut an 'H' shape using the initial cut as the centre of your 'H'.
You will now be able to peel back the grass on either side of your first cut. Slide your spade/edger under each 'flap' and gently prise the grass back.
For humps, simply remove the excess soil.
For hollows, fill in the depression with extra soil.
After folding the grass back, flatten it down and water again.
Avoid attempting lawn repairs during winter when the ground will be hard.


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