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How To Remove Paint From Walls

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When painting over old paint isn't an option there are methods of paint removal which can be used. While these methods can be difficult and time-consuming, they will ultimately yield the desired result.
What you'll need: 
Paint stripper
Sanding block
Hand blowtorch
Old sheet
Face mask
DIY goggles
Rubber gloves
Paint scraper
The most frequently used paint removal method is definitely chemical paint stripper. As these substances are powerful chemicals you should wear gloves, a mask and goggles when using them.
Paint stripper is available in both liquid and gel/paste form. When using stripper, place an old sheet at the base of the wall to protect the floor surface. Apply the stripper evenly over small sections of the wall and wait for the paint to begin bubbling. The scraper can be used to remove all loosened paint. The wall surface can then be finished with sandpaper before repainting or applying wallpaper.
Sanding is another method sometimes used to remove paint. However, it is generally extremely hard work physically and is very time consuming. If sanding is your chosen method it is best to use an electric sander if possible. Protective gear should again be worn as paint dust can be damaging to both eyes and lungs.
A small hand blowtorch can be used to strip paint. However, this method is generally more effective on smaller painted surfaces. The flame should be moved constantly over the surface to prevent the paint burning. The paint scraper can then be used to remove the loosened paint. If using a blowtorch you should wear thick fabric gloves to protect from the heat.
Paint removal is a long, slow process but if necessary it can be done by carefully applying one of the above methods.
Always have the windows open when working on interior walls. This will allow dust and chemical fumes to clear.
Ensure that proper safety equipment is used at all times.
Check the paint stripper against your paint type before buying as specific products are required for certain paint types.
Ensure that the gas canister is properly attached to the blow torch and that the gas is always turned off after use. It is best to disconnect the cylinder for storage.


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