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How to remove chewing gum from clothes

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Chewing gum is a very popular choice for many, but it is very frustrating when you sit somewhere and then find it on your clothes when you get home! Don't throw that item away, follow these few simple steps and you should have a clean garment again to wear.
What you'll need: 
A freezer or ice cubes
Brown paper or a newspaper
An electric clothes iron and ironing board
First of all place your item of clothing in the freezer until the chewing gum freezes and goes completely hard, if you cannot get the item in the freezer then rub repeatedly with ice cubes until it freezes, this technique would also work on carpets or other upholstery.
Now the chewing gum should crack off removing itself completely, if a greasy mark remains then follow the next step.
Place the item on your ironing board, cover the area with a layer of brown paper, or newspaper, if thats all you have but brown paper is best.
Iron the area on a medium dry heat, the paper will absorb the grease from the stain and remove any last stubborn bits.
Wash the garment as usual and hopefully your stain has all gone.


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