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How to regrout your tiles

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You're sat in the bath having a relaxing moment and yet you're put off by the discolouration and black mildew on the grout! Follow these simple steps and your tiles will look as good as new.
What you'll need: 
Grout remover
New grout. I prefer water proof grout
Grout squeegee / float
The first job is the worst of all, removing all the old grout. For this, use the grout remover and scratch at least 2mm of the old grout away. Remove all mildew or this will return quickly.
Next is to clean the tiles use an anti-fungal cleaner to really clean the excess dirt off and any remaining mildew.
Mix the grout, use the manufactures guidelines and some differ. You are looking for a creamy consistency which when applied goes into the gaps easily but doesn't drip off the wall.
Apply the grout to the gaps. Force the grout in, filling the gap. Don't worry if you get grout everywhere since it can be easily cleaned off when still wet.
Add clean water to the bucket, dampen the sponge and gently remove excess grout from the tiles. Make sure the sponge is always kept reasonably clean.
Gently run your finger down the grout to create a smooth finish
Allow to dry and give the tiles a vigorous clean. You will see any remaining grout on the tiles as the tile will look slightly dull.
Fill the bath and enjoy your relaxing bath!
Something as easy can make your tiles look as good as new! This could potentially save hundreds as if the tiles still look good there is no need to re-tile the room.
Give yourself plenty of time
Don't rush the job
Clean lumps of grout off whilst still wet


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