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How to register with the Mail Preference Service

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Do you hear the postman arrive with the clunk of the letter box and a heap of envelopes on the floor, only to find that most of your post is 'junk' mail? All it does is fill up your recycling bin. Well you can put a stop to a lot of the junk by registering with the Mail Preference Service (MPS).
What you'll need: 
A computer with internet access
Your postcode
Your address
Your email address
Firstly go to the website for the Mail Preference Service at
Select Register. You will firstly be asked if it is your details you wish to register or a previous occupant. Alternatively you may wish to register a previous address or someone who has died.
You will be then be asked for your Postcode. Input your postcode and select the correct address from the list given.
You will then be asked for your name. You can add other names for this address too. When this is complete click 'Continue'
You will then be asked how you found out about the service. Click the one that is most relevant and click 'Continue'
You will then be asked the reason why you are registering. Whether it is stop yourself getting unwanted mail, or to stop mail for a previous occupant.
You will then be asked for your email address in order to complete registration. When you receive the email you will need to click on the link given in the email.
The MPS states that registering will remove your name and address from 95% of UK based direct mailing lists.
The service is completely free. It may take about 4 months for your registration to take full effect. After this time, if you get unwanted mail, you can use the MPS complaints service, available online.
MPS say that registering with them will stop 95% of all UK unsolicited mail.
Registering lasts 5 years, after which time you need to re-register.
You can stop unwanted phone calls by registering with the Telephone Preference Service
You may still get mail from local companies.
You may still get mail addressed to The Occupier


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