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How to Reduce your Gas and Electricity Bills

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With energy prices continuing to rise, many of us have been forced to review our gas and electricity use and take steps to reduce our energy bills.
Switching providers could save £100s a year. Use a price comparison website such as uSwitch to find the best deals on gas and electricity.
Once you have an idea of who the cheapest providers are, take a look at a cashback website such as TopCashBack. Switching providers through the links on their website could earn you up to £60 cashback, on top of saving you money on your bills.
Before making any final decisions, contact your current provider with meter readings and ask for final balances. Know whether you are in debit or credit, by how much and how this balance will be managed at the point of transfer. In some cases, a current provider will be willing to beat a new deal rather than lose custom.
Many energy providers offer a cash incentive if you pay by direct debit and/or receive paperless bills. Check your latest bill to see if you are incurring any unnecessary charges.
Simple measures such as making sure unused lights are turned off, electrical items are not left on standby when not in use and drafts are sealed can make a significant difference to the amount of energy your home consumes over a year.
Make sure you are getting any grants and other benefits you may be entitled to. Visit to check if you are eligible for an energy grant. Energy grants may be available for things such as a new boiler or loft insulation.


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