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How to put up a timber fence

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When erecting a garden fence, timber is often the material of choice due to its appearance and practicality. If you are looking to shore up your boundaries with wooden fencing, this guide will show you how.
What you'll need: 
Timber fencing (panels, posts and brackets)
Spirit level and plank of wood
Drill and rawlplugs
A willing helper (recommended)
Tape measure and string
Hammer and galvanised nails
Concrete and hardcore
Gravel boards and wooden braces (recommended)
If beginning by a wall you can attach panels directly to the wall. Simply fix a set of post brackets to the wall using a drill. Make sure you use rawlplugs when screwing the brackets in. Position the lower bracket 15cm from the ground (this will be where the bottom of your panel will be). For a 1.2m panel, the top bracket should be 1.05m from ground level). Using a spirit level and a plank of wood, check the brackets are vertical.
Mark out the fence boundary with string.
Presuming you are starting by a wall, measure the width of your panels (most are 1.8m) and move this distance along the boundary. Dig a post hole measuring 30cm square and 75cm deep.
Fill the with a 15cm layer of hardcore and wedge in your first post with rubble. Using your spirit level again, check the post is level and then screw in the brackets.
Attach the first panel to the wall-mounted brackets using galvanised nails. Here is where your willing helper will be useful as he/she can assist you with keeping the panel horizontal as you line it up with the first post (using your spirit level as well, of course). When you are satisfied, use some bricks to temporarily wedge the panel in place.
Nail the panel to the post brackets and double-check it is level.
Using the handle of your hammer (or a stick), firm the rubble and hardcore against the posts before pouring concrete almost to the top of the holes. Make sure you create a slight slope to drain rainwater away from the wood.
Dig your next hole and repeat the process until all panels are attached.
Allow the concrete to dry overnight.
Use gravel boards to fill the gap between the panels and floor. This prevents rotting and may be mandatory to validate your guarantee.
If erecting during windy weather, you should secure the posts with braces while the concrete sets.
You could try laying trellis along the top of your completed fence to add some greenery.


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