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How To Protect Your Computer From Viruses For Free

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Viruses, malware, trojan horses, spy-ware, bugs: sadly they're all out there on the internet and are ready to pounce on any unprotected system they find. Though viruses are a permanent danger, there are effective programs to keep them at bay. What's more, many of them are available for free.
What you'll need: 
Internet connection
Free anti-virus software
Free antivirus programs are generally a pre-purchase 'trial' version of a full product made by a particular company. Examples of these companies are AVG, Trend, Norton, Avira, Panda Cloud and Avast. In addition if your computer runs on a Microsoft operating system, Microsoft Security Essentials can be downloaded from the Microsoft website.
All of the free antivirus programs listed are available from the respective companies' own websites and all require download onto your computer. Space on your computer is generally a small concern as the programs are, as a rule, relatively small. However, they do require regular updates and backups which do also occupy space.
Key to the efficiency of any antivirus program is ensuring that you perform regular updates, scans and upgrades. Most programs allow you to schedule when these actions will be taken.
Avoid having more than one antivirus program installed on your computer at any one time as they can conflict and result in problems with your computer's functioning.
If you find one antivirus to be particularly effective you may consider purchasing the whole program. This will ensure that you have all features and capabilities of the program available to you. This is beneficial as there are sophisticated viruses which can get past the less effective free versions.
Experiment with the various available antivirus programs until you find the one best suited to your requirements. Remember to always keep your program updated to its most current version.


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