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How To Prepare An Emergency Box For Moving Home

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While all the packing and sorting out is going on in preparation for your long distance house move, take the trouble to pack an emergency box, which will prevent you from tearing your hair out should you find your new destination miles from a shop out of opening hours. These are the items that will travel in the car with you.
The kit should contain: a kettle and its flex; coffee, tea, sugar and long-life milk; packets of cup-a-soup and sweet biscuits. Mugs, picnic plates and cutlery; kitchen scissors and a tin opener. Washing up liquid, cleaners and cloths; towels and soap; toilet paper; a first aid kit – especially plasters and headache tablets. Candles and matches; a torch and finally, a radio.
The parsimony of people leaving a house usually includes the removal of every single light bulb, especially the energy-saving long-life variety. Take a selection of functioning light bulbs rather than fancy ones.
Include a small tool kit with the electric drill, screwdrivers, fuse wire, hammers, etc.
Include long extension leads because no socket in the new house will be convenient for the electric drill, or be located where you want them.
Try to ensure that only the real essentials go in the car, especially if travelling with small children and pets. A long journey will be frustrating enough without members of the family having to complete the trip in cramped conditions, or with their belongings on their lap. Include blankets for those who might need to sleep during the journey.
Also in the car should be a briefcase or handbag with all the family ‘paperwork’, including chequebook, credit cards and a fully charged mobile phone (ideally with car charger) in case of emergency.
Make sure you have a note of the telephone number of the solicitor, estate agent, utility companies and the removal company’s office. If the removal men have a mobile phone, take a note of the number in case either of you get separated or lost.
It is often a good idea to stop at a local B&B or hotel for a couple of nights so that everyone can get away from the chaos, have a hot bath and a meal, before settling down for a good night’s sleep.
When moving house, work on the principle of Murphy’s Law, that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong and include emergency kits for everything.


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