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How to polish leather shoes

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Whether preparing for an important job interview or attending a wedding or other family celebration, this article will show you how to get that 'army' shine to those leather shoes. Contrary to what many people believe, you are not polishing the leather itself but building up progressively thicker layers of polish - it is the polish you are working into a shine.
What you'll need: 
Polish (suitable colour)
2 or 3 soft cotton cloths
Fine, natural-hair bristle brush/es
Water spray bottle (with mist setting) or atomizer
Cotton wool
Shoe box
Old pair of tights (fine) - optional
Your first task is to remove any dirt or dust. You can use a cloth or brush for this.
Put a small amount of polish onto a clean cloth. With your finger in the cloth, apply the polish to the leather using small circular movements. Make sure that both sides of any creases receive attention. If you prefer, you can apply the polish using a brush.
Use an old toothbrush to apply polish to those hard to reach areas.
Now leave your shoes to dry. If you are out in the sun or beside a hot radiator or heater, this should take 2 to 3 minutes. If not, leave them for up to 10 minutes.
Using your spray bottle or atomizer, cover your shoes in a fine mist until you can see small droplets on their surfaces.
Using a dry cloth or brush, rub the shoes dry.
Repeat steps 2 to 6 until the desired level of shine is reached. To meet army expectations you will need to be able to see your face in them!
Soak some cotton wool in water and wipe over before buffing dry with a cloth.
To really enhance your shine, breathe on the polish to moisten it again and buff with an old pair of fine tights.
Finally, store your shoes in a closed shoe box in a cool part of the house.
Keep polish damp. If it has dried up, white spirit can be used to moisten it.
Silicone cloth can be used to further increase the level of shine, but this will ultimately damage the leather


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