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How to play Scissors, Paper, Stone

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The game of Scissor, Paper, Stone is known throughout the world although sometimes under a different name; some say rock instead of stone. It is an ideal game to play when you do not have any materials, since all you need to play is your hand. The game can also be used as a method of deciding whose turn it is to do something.
What you'll need: 
Two players
Each player makes a fist. Together shout one, two, three and on each count bring the fist down.
On the count of three make one of three gestures.
Scissors, which is the hand held out with index finger and middle finger separated. Paper, which is the hand held out flat and Stone which is a fist.
Scissors beat paper as they can cut it, Paper beats rock by wrapping around it, Rock beats scissors by making them blunt. If both make the same gesture, it is a draw, and the game should be repeated.
The game can be played once, to decide something or best of 3 or the first to reach 10 wins, it really is up to you.
A fun game that can be played anywhere.
Watch for a pattern in what your opponent does (eg never repeating the same gesture twice)
Ensure you are a distance from your opponent so you don't clash hands


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