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How to play Killer on a Dartboard

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There are many different games you can play on a Dartboard; the standard 501 game, the shorter 301 game, a game of 1-10 doubles, the list is quite endless. Arguably one of the most entertaining games is Killer. This game can be played by 2 people all the way up to 20. The best number of players is around 5-6.
What you'll need: 
A Dartboard
A blackboard
Each player takes turn to choose their number. A player has to throw 1 single dart using their non throwing arm. Once each player has their number, write it down next to their name on the left-hand side of the blackboard. Each player must have a different number. Each number has to be single. If you hit triple 15, your number is still 15. The bull’s eye and the 25 ring do not count.
The order of the names on the blackboard will determine the order of play. Player 1 will throw 3 darts (with their normal arm) attempting to hit their own number. They will score a single point (or life) for a single hit, 2 lives if they hit their numbers double and 3 if they hit their numbers treble. After each player's turn, they must mark their score, marking a single vertical line for each life.
Keep on taking turns to throw. The aim is to get 5 lives. Once you have your 5, you are ‘killing’, this means you can start aiming for opponent’s numbers knocking lives off their score. Once a player's lives run out they are out of the game. You can only aim for others whilst you are killing. E.g. If someone takes a life from you whilst you are killing, you have to hit your own number once before you can carry on killing.
If you hit your own number whilst you are killing then you must deduct that amount of lives from yourself. The winner is the last person remaining.
It’s always more fun if there’s a prize for the winner
Be careful who you aim for, this is a game of revenge, alliances will be formed


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