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How to play Hangman

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Hangman is a fun game to play especially when there is nothing else to do, perhaps on a journey, waiting for an appointment or just as a rainy day activity
What you'll need: 
A few pieces of paper
A pencil or pen
A dictionary (optional - useful for disputes)
Two people
Decide who is going to be think of the word first (Player 1) and who is going to guess (Player 2). Player 1 starts by drawing a line down on the paper with a - at the top and then a long line underneath. (See illustration)
Player 1 must then thinks of a word which their opponent must guess. Suppose the word is 'seize'. Player 1 will draw five underscores on the page -----.
Player 2 must guess what the letters are. It is wise to choose vowels first as most words have a vowel (a,e,i,o,u). If Player 2 guesses an 'a', Player 1 will draw a head as a circle just under the - on the diagram. They will also write an 'a' at the top of the page so Player 2 does not choose it again.
Player 2 may say 'e' next so Player 1 will write an e where it goes -e---. For each letter Player 2 gets right, Player 1 will add it to the word. for each one Player 2 gets wrong a further body part is added to the hangman. A straight line for the body, a line each side for the arms and lines at the bottom for the legs.
If the hangman is complete before the word is fully revealed then Player 1 wins, otherwise Player 2 wins.
You can decide to have a set number of games or have the winner as the first to reach 10 wins or play for a set time.
There are some online versions of the game - see links at bottom of the page.
Hangman is a fun way to pass the time, and may be improve your word power!
Choose a theme for words on such as film titles or sports
If a word is very difficult you can lengthen the game by adding eyes, nose and mouth.


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