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How To Pit A Cherry Without A Cherry Pitter

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If using kitchen gadgets is not your thing for pitting cherries, there are many ways to pit cherries manually without a cherry pitter. But using a straw can be a useful and cheap way to pit your cherries if you only use cherries occasionally.
What you'll need: 
Drinking straw
Hold a cherry between your fingers and remove the stem.
Take a straw and grip it firmly in one hand and hold the cherry firmly in the other hand. Push the drinking straw into where the stem was pulled from.
Poke the straw through the cherry until it touches the pit. Push the straw through the cherry so the pit comes out of the cherry on the other side. The cherry should be fully intact with no pit and can be placed in the bowl.
Repeat with the rest of the cherries. When cherries are pitted they can be rinsed and eaten or used for baking or cooking. The pits can be thrown away.
Once you’ve pitted a few cherries this way, you will be able to pit cherries very quickly. Bamboo skewers and chopsticks can be used as well to pit cherries, just used the blunt ends for pitting. You can also pit olives this way as well.
You can also use a pastry tip by pressing the stem part of the cherry or olive on the tip to remove the pit.


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