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How To Pick Mistletoe In The Wild

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Mistletoe is the plant most often associated with Christmas and long linked with the tradition of 'kissing under the mistletoe'. While florists and the internet have made synthetic and natural mistletoe available, it can still be picked in the wild if you know where to look.
What you'll need: 
Gardening gloves
Waterproof container
Fresh water
Mistletoe is a form of parasite and is therefore found growing on a number of different plants including shrubs, hedgerows and trees. In Britain it is most often found growing in apple trees.
Mistletoe grows in a specific and relatively small number of areas including Somerset, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire. If you live outside these areas it can be difficult to find wild mistletoe.
The difficulty of picking mistletoe depends on a number of factors including the type of plant in which it grows, how easy it is to reach and whether it is growing on private property (as is often the case when dealing with apple trees.)
Having gained (legal!) access to the wild mistletoe, a billhook or a pair of secateurs will make removing individual sprigs relatively easy. Ensure you don't overprune or strip the plant.
Place the mistletoe sprigs in a sealed container of fresh water until you are able to place it on display.
Picking wild mistletoe can be time-consuming and potentially difficult but it can also be less expensive and can add a personal touch to festive decorations.
Always use thick gardening gloves when working with hardy plants and sharp tools.


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