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How to patch jeans

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We have all experienced the sadness of discovering a hole in a favourite old pair of jeans. However, with a few minutes of work, you can easily save your jeans from the bin! Repairing a hole with a patch is fast and simple, but can extend the life of your jeans considerably.
What you'll need: 
jeans in need of repair
hand sewing needle
strong cotton thread
scrap denim or other heavy fabric
chalk or bar of soap
Locate the hole in your jeans. If the edges of the hole are very damaged, use the scissors to trim off the frayed bits. This will help to prevent the hole from getting any larger, and will also make sewing on a patch much easier.
Lay your patch material wrong side up over the hole. Ensure that the hole is completely covered, with about 1cm extra material on all sides. Use the chalk or soap to draw the shape of your patch onto the fabric. It is usually simplest to make a square or rectangular patch, but you can experiment with using other shapes if you are feeling creative.
Cut out your patch. It is important to use a sharp pair of scissors for this step, as a dull pair of scissors may fray the edges of your fabric.
Place your patch right side up over the hole, checking once again that the hole is completely covered with enough fabric to spare on all edges. Carefully pin the patch in place.
Using a simple running stich, sew around all the edges of your patch. Secure your thread with a strong knot and trim the ends.
Using proper sewing scissors will make your work easier and help to avoid damage to your fabric.
You can make an inconspicuous patch by using a shade of denim that matches your jeans.
Try making decorative patches out of colourful fabric.


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