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How To Paint A Traditional Vampire Face

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The traditional vampire face is a dramatic look for children, or adults who want to stand out at Halloween parties. It’s a simple face painting design to do and you can make it as scary as you want.
What you'll need: 
White face paint
Black face paint
Red face paint
Face wipes
Clean face with face wipes.
Take the sponge and dip it in the white face paint. Cover the whole face in white including the lips and eyes.
Dip another sponge in black face paint. Paint the eye sockets in black paint. Darken the eyelids more and blend the black edges into the white.
Paint around the edges of the face in black including edge of jaw line. Make a small triangle at the top of forehead, with triangle point facing towards the nose.
Take the brush and dip into black paint. Paint over your eyebrows in black paint and paint thick triangular shaped eyebrows. Wash out black paint in bowl of water and wipe excess water.
Dip the brush in white face paint. Paint on two pointed white fangs at the corners of your mouth. Wash out white paint in bowl of water and wipe excess water on tissue.
Dip the brush into the red face paint. Outline under your eyes with red paint. Paint a few red blobs on the fangs to look like blood.
Your vampire face is now finished. You can complete the look with a vampire outfit.
You can vary the above look and add your personal touch to it.
You can add glow in the dark vampire teeth to make it more dramatic.


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