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How To Paint A Simple Skeleton Face

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The painted skeleton face is always popular for Halloween parties or costume events. It’s a simple face to do and you don’t need much to do it either. This is a very simple skeleton face you can paint on yourself or someone else.
What you'll need: 
Black face paint
White face paint
Face wipes
Wipe face clean with face wipes. Dip the sponge into the white face paint. Cover the face in white paint but leave the eye area untouched.
Dip another sponge into the black face paint. Paint in the eye socket area black and shape it into a rounded rectangle shape. It helps if you follow the natural hollow of your eyes socket for this part. This should give the eyes a hollow look.
Dip the brush into the black paint. Paint the sides of your nose black into a triangular shape and leave the top bridge part of your nose white. This should make your nose look hollow.
Use sponge and black paint to lightly dab black paint on the sides of the temples. Dap some under the cheek bones as well and blend the edges in. This should give the cheeks and the side of the head a hollow effect.
Time to do the skeleton teeth. Use the brush and black paint to paint a thin line in between where your lips meet together. Paint horizontal lines starting from the corner top of your mouth and join them together into a triangle top. Repeat the same process for the lower teeth but make them smaller than the top teeth. Using the same brush, paint black cracked shapes on one side of head or temple. This should give the effect of a cracked skull. If you draw lightning strikes it will help to give you that effect.
Using the sponge and white paint highlight the bridge of the nose, the edge of the eyes sockets and the cheek bones.
Your skeleton face is now done. You can wear a skeleton outfit to carry the look off.
You can add extra features to your skeleton face to make it scary, for example fake blood can be added to the corners of the painted teeth.
You can wear a black latex cap to hide your hair and to give a smooth appearance to your head.
You can also wear a hooded cloak or cape to give a mysterious and spooky look.
You could just paint half or part of your face in a skeleton design to make it seem like part of the skin was ripped off.


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