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How To Paint A Scary Witch’s Face

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Do you want to paint your face into a scary witch for a Halloween party? Well, you can actually paint a scary witch’s face yourself and it’s very simple to do. You can vary the look the way you want. You can safely and easily paint your child’s face or yourself at home. The items you need to paint a scary witch’s face can be bought easily online or in costume shops. When the face is done, it will look like the Wicked Witch from the West, from the movie The Wizard of Oz.
What you'll need: 
Hair elastic or hair band
Make-up sponge
Bowl of water
Paper towel
Green face paint
Black face paint
Red face paint
Green liquid face glitter (optional)
Eye shadow wand
Medium or thin general purpose brush
If you hair is long, tie it back with a hair elastic or use a hair band.
Use the sponge to apply an even layer of green face paint on your face.
To paint thick dark eyebrows, use the brush and black face paint to darken your eyebrows. You can make the eyebrows as thick as you want. Use the same colour face paint to create a dark look under the eyes. You can darken above the eyes as well, if you want to.
Wash off the black paint in the bowl of water. Wipe off any excess water with the paper towel. Now you can use the brush to paint the lips with the red face paint. Wash off paint and put brush aside.
If you are using liquid face glitter, you can apply it with the eye shadow wand. You can apply the face glitter where you under lined or over lined your eyes with black face paint. This will make the eyes stand out more.
If you want to add a wart you can use the brush and the black face paint to draw a big black dot on your nose or chin. You can also just paint a spider on the tip of your nose, and add cobwebs.
That’s it; you’ve now created your scary witch’s face. You can now wear a black witch’s hat to complete the look.
As you can see, it’s very simple to create a scary witch’s face. You may find that people might starting asking you to paint their faces after seeing your handy work. You can vary the scary witch’s face look according to your style. If you want to be a good witch, like Glinda the Good Witch from the North in The Wizard of Oz, you can use shimmering or pastel face paint colours, like gold, silver, light pink or blue. Just follow instructions as above on covering face with face paint colour. You will end up with a glowing witch’s face. You could also just cover your face in face glitter, instead of painting it, to get a glowing face look. If you want to paint your lips, you can paint it pale pink. This will help to keep the innocent glow look. You can add more magic to the look with false eyelashes. You can now wear your good witch outfit.
If you are going to wear a long sleeved black gown, you can also paint your hands green. Very spooky!
Another look you can have is to paint the whole face thinly with sparkling white face paint. Let face dry and then go over the outside of the face with the green face paint. Dab a little green lightly on inner face. This will give a white or greenish effect.
To make wrinkles on the forehead look realistic, just raise your eyebrows and wrinkles will show up on your forehead. You then follow the wrinkles lines with your brush and face paint.
To create a real wart effect, use dried cranberry or peppercorn and glue it on with body glue.
When buying face paints, stick to water based ones since they are easier to remove. You can just use soap and water and the paint comes off.


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