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How To Paint A Scary Tiger Face

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The tiger face is one of the most popular designs that people request for face painting. It may look complicated and impossible to replicate. You just need a little patience and some simple techniques. Learning to paint a scary tiger face is fun and children like it as well for a face paint.
What you'll need: 
Black face paint
Yellow face paint
White face paint
Orange face paint
Face wipes
Bowl of water
Wipe the face with a face wipe.
Take the sponge and dip it into the white face paint. Paint white along the area between the upper lip and the base of the nose. Paint a white triangular shape underneath the middle part of the lower lip. This will form the bases for the whiskers part later.
Dip a clean sponge into the yellow face paint. Paint around the eyes (including the eyebrows), cheeks and chin. Leave the forehead alone and make sure to paint around the white painted area.
Take another sponge and dip in the orange face paint. Paint over the forehead and around the outside edges of the face. Dab some orange along the bridge of the nose. Blend the colours into each other and go over the edges of the yellow with the orange. Keep blending until you achieve the effect you want.
Dip brush into white paint and paint white eyebrows above the eyes. Use the line of your actual eyebrow as a guide. Make the end points curve up instead of down. Both eyebrows should have at least three curved of points at each brow.
Using the brush dipped in white paint, you can paint over the white painted area around the mouth. Create whiskers with the brush strokes and flick the brush tip so the whisker ends are pointed. Add a thin white line under each eye as well.
Now start adding white stripes. Add brush stokes from the outer edge of the orange painted area and drag it in. If you slightly lift the brush as you drag in, it will make the end point thinner. Add a white stripe on middle of forehead. All the stripes should be angled to point towards the bridge of the nose. Rinse out the white paint in the bowl of water and wipe any excess with the tissue.
Dip brush in black paint and add the nose. If you follow the natural flares of the nostrils, it will come out smooth on both sides of the nose. It should look like a small triangle on the end of the nose. Use the black paint and add a line under the nose to the top of the lip. It will look like a triangle with sides that are curved inside. Paint the bottom lip black as well. Paint black stripes the same way as the previous white ones.
Add small dots in the white painted area above the lip. Outline the whiskers and eyebrows in black paint; this will give it a strong definition. Your tiger face is now complete.
This is the basic for painting a tiger face. You can vary it by having completely different colours. It’s up to you on what effect you want to achieve. You could have a purple tiger for example.
You can add face glitter around the edges of the face or in between the stripes.
If you want to make the face look fiercer, you can add small white tiger teeth at the corners of the mouth.
Always use water based face paints, they wash off easier.


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