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How To Paint A Creepy Joker Clown Face

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The creepy joker clown face was made more famous by the late Heath Ledger, who played The Joker in the Batman movie The Dark Knight. If you want to turn your face into a creepy joker clown face, it’s very simple to do yourself. It will definitely spook people out at a Halloween or costume party.
What you'll need: 
Black face paint
White face paint
Red face paint
Bowl of water
Face wipes
Wipe the face clean with face wipes. Dip the sponge into the white face paint. Paint the whole face in white paint. If you need a second coat, let the paint dry first before applying another coat.
Dip the brush into the red paint. Make an outline of your lips with the red paint and fill it in. Draw The Joker’s mouth with the red paint and curve it up from the corners of your mouth. Smudge the red painted mouth a bit with a sponge. It should have a messy look so don’t do it neatly. Wash out the red paint in the bowl of water and wipe off excess water on tissue.
Dip the brush into the black paint. Paint a black line in the centre of your clown mouth and smudge it in with a sponge. It should give the mouth definition and cast a shadow in between the mouth.
Paint black paint around the eyes and extend it over the eyelids and eyebrows. Paint under the eyes and smudge it in, add wrinkles at the side of the smudged eyes.
Make yourself frown so wrinkles form in between your two eyebrows. Paint the formed wrinkles with black paint so you have natural looking wrinkles. Raise your eyebrows up so that wrinkles form on your forehead. Paint the formed wrinkles on forehead in black paint. The wrinkles on forehead will look more real when painted this way.
Smile without showing your teeth. Add a black curved lip from the corners of the mouth which curve into your cheeks.
Your joker clown face is finished. You can add to the effect by wearing The Joker outfit with it.
You’ve just saved yourself from paying a face paint artist to do this clown face for you.


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