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How To Paint A Clown Face

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Clown face paint is popular all year round with children. There’s nothing to stop an adult painting their face like a clown as well. This is one face paint design that is suitable for any age group. Whether you want a clown face for a circus show or for a party, you can easily paint a clown face yourself.
What you'll need: 
White face paint
Red face paint
Black face paint
Bowl of water
Face wipes
Wipe face clean with face wipe. Dip sponge in white face paint. Paint the entire face in white paint.
Using the brush and black paint outline the eyes thickly with black paint. You can make the outline thicker at the corner of the eyes. Paint the eyebrows slightly thick in black paint. Wash out black paint in bowl of water and wipe off excess water on tissue.
Dip the brush into the red face paint. Draw around the shape of your mouth with the red paint and draw it slightly bigger than your own mouth. Colour in the drawn mouth with red paint.
Draw a circle around the tip of your nose with red paint and colour it in.
That’s it to the clown face. You can add a clown outfit or accessories to complete the clown look.
This is a basic face clown which can be varied to make it look scary, sad or a happy clown face.
You can paint stars on your cheeks or hearts to get a cute clown face look.
You can paint a black tear drop on the cheek if you want a sad clown face effect.


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