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How to organise your time using a notepad and diary

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Organising and managing your time well is key for many of those that are busy. Once managed you can run a seamless schedule with no hassle.
What you'll need: 
Diary Planner
Small notepad
Start carrying around with you a small notepad and a diary planner. This will allow you to check your schedule when necessary.
The notepad is for jotting down any errands that you need to carry out and also to prioritise them. Put a star next to tasks that are important and check this every day, ticking them off when completed. This will allow you to keep track of the little things in your life.
Your diary planner should hold everything else. If you are going to meet up with a friend or have a meeting, write it down. In this day and age, one tends to forget things, so making sure that you keep track of everything will enable you to remember it all.
If you constantly find yourself with no time to carry out tasks, leave a couple of hours out of your schedule every day so that you have time to complete them.


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