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How To Organise A Street Party

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A street party is the perfect opportunity for neighbours to meet and have fun together. So whether you want to mark a royal event or just have a knees up, here are the basics for a day to remember.
What you'll need: 
Invitations to a planning meeting
Begin by roping in a couple of neighbours to get the process started and then invite everyone in the street to a planning meeting so that everyone from the oldest to the youngest resident feel involved. You may need two or three meetings depending on the length of your street.
At the meeting agree the date and times - usually it is best for all cars to be parked by 11am and to start with a lunch and then have afternoon activities followed by tea. You might want music in th evening but set a finish time.
Have a tick list drawn up where residents can sign up to be involved in whatever best suits their talents: These might include: contacting the council, street decoration/making bunting, food, bar, children's activities, sports day games, raffle, fancy dress competition, music, tables and seating, wet weather. The principal of the street party should be that everyone contributes but you need one person to be in charge of each element to avoid 20 plates of sausage rolls. Arrange regular planning sessions in smaller groups.
You must tell your local council that you are planning the street party - if they try to charge you, contact or contact your MP. Think about whether you want liability insurance.
Try not to ask residents for money - draw up a list of things you need and see what people are prepared to donate e.g. bunting can be made for free out of small pieces of fabric. Make up themed hampers for the raffle from lots of smaller items rather than expecting large prizes. Printed certificates marking the day are a cost effective solution for race or competition winners.
The day before the event send a note to all residents reminding them of the event and asking them politely to make sure their cars are removed from the street.
On the morning of the party, put up bunting early to get everyone in the mood. Put up road blocks. Start setting our seating and tables.
Sometimes a resident may not want to be involved, treat them with consideration and accept their views. Honour the oldest resident in the street with a special cake. Discover the friends on your doorstep.
Keep your street party simple, try and remember the needs of everyone young and old. Give everyone a part to play. Don't forget to take photos which could give you another excuse for a get together and a record of the event.


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