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How to organise a Secret Santa

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Secret Santa's are a fun and inexpensive way of allowing a group of people to give presents to each other. The tradition is normally practised in workplaces or by large families, where keeping each individual's cost down is imperative. By doing a Secret Santa you only need to buy one present, yet the whole group receives something, it means everyone does not need to buy a separate present for everyone.
What you'll need: 
a hat
some paper
The first thing to do when organising a Secret Santa is to decide how much each person will spend on the present. This is up to you, but you could go cheap, which normally means buyers need to be inventive or creative, or you could increase the budget to try and ensure that everyone receives a reasonable gift.
Once you have decided the budget, you need to work out who will buy for whom. One way to do this is to cut out enough strips of paper and write a different person's name on each one and place them all in a hat or other large receptacle. If you don't want to use the hat method, you could always use a spreadsheet software application to randomly decide who buys for whom.
Next you will need to get all members of your group to randomly pick a name from the hat, the name on the paper designates who that person will buy a gift for.
If you are doing this in a workplace you might not be able to do this on Christmas day, so you need to decide upon a date when the present giving will take place, and that means you need to have bought and wrapped your gift by that date.
On the designated date, or Christmas day, you all assemble and give your present to the person you have bought for.
A Secret Santa is a fun way of ensuring everyone in a group gets a present.
Think about the person you are buying for and what they might like.
In the workplace situation it is probably not advisable to buy a gift that others might consider rude, you don't want to offend people.


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