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How to organise a Pirate Themed Children’s Birthday Party

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A favourite with boys of all ages, is the good old traditional Pirate themed Birthday Party. This does not have to cost a fortune and is great fun.
What you'll need: 
A4 paper and card, - black, white, brown.
Green tissue paper
White paint
Disposable tablecloths, plates and cups
Food and drink
Birthday cake
Invitations can be made by you, they could be designed in the shape of an eye-patch or a pirate hat. Or you could draw a treasure map and plot the details on it, and photocopy it. Don’t forget to include the name and age of your child, date and time (including when it starts and when it ends), venue – including any directions if necessary. RSVP details (many parents text you these days so a mobile number is always useful) If you do want people to dress up then please include this on the invitation.
Decoration can of course include pirate themed items including pirate hats that can be bought from shops or ordered from the internet. Alternatively you can make some decorations yourself, you could use some black paper or card and paint skull and crossbones in white and put these on the wall. You could use A4 black paper and white letters to make a ‘Happy Birthday’ banner. Palm trees can be made from using brown cardboard trunk and sticking green paper leaves on the top. These can be affixed to walls or the backs of chairs.
Tables can be decorated using black tablecloths. Food can be served from white paper plates and cups. Black and white balloons can be used around the room. Drinks can include blackcurrant juice as well as orange juice, water and lemonade.
Food can be the usual party food but with pirate themed names.
Games could include a treasure hunt for sweets, musical pirates and pass the parcel using black and white wrapping paper.
Face painting could include a moustache, scar or eye patch being painted on, using of course non-toxic non allergenic face paints and asking either a friend, family or parent member to do this. Take some fragrance free baby wipes in case of mistakes or unhappy children.
The birthday cake could be in the shape of a pirate hat, black icing with skull and crossbones in white icing. You could also make individual cup cakes with similar decoration for putting in the party bags. You could make the cake yourself, buy a shop bought sponge and decorate it yourself, ask a family, friend of fellow parent to make you one or course buy one from a shop.
Party bags could include bouncy balls, pencil, sweets.
You could play some of your child’s favourite music as background music
To help children get into the theme you could have some dressing up clothes at the party including scarves for bandannas, eye patches etc.


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