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How to organise a game of Heads and tails at a fundraising evening

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During a fundraising evening, people will often have a raffle. Heads and Tails is a quick, fun game that takes about five minutes to play but is an extra way to help fill your coffers. It's almost certain that you will receive £1 from all the people at your event.
What you'll need: 
A bottle of whisky
A coin to toss
A pot of £1 coins to offer as change
A loud voice
An assistant
A sense of humour
Before the event, buy a bottle of whisky for the prize. Don't go for a cheap supermarket own-brand bottle nor an expensive single malt - something in the middle will be just fine!
It will need two of you to organise the game. One person will explain how the game is played (as follows below) and the other person will give help and support.
Once the game has been explained, you will both go around the room and collect £1 from each participant. With a little encouragement, this should be everyone.
As you stand at the front of the room, you ask everyone to stand up.
Before you toss a coin, you tell everyone to make a guess as to whether it will come down as a head or a tail. All those that guess Heads will put both hands on their heads and all those that guess Tails will put their hands on their bottoms.
After the coin has been tossed, those people that guessed incorrectly (approximately half of the contestants) are out of the game and will sit down. Those that guessed correctly stay in the game and remain on their feet.
Repeat the guessing and coin-tossing for a number of times,reducing the number of contestants with each round. You'll will soon be down to the last two or three people still standing.
Ask the last contestants to join you at the front of the room so that everyone can watch the final round. Play Heads and Tails, for a last time, to find your winner.
With a flourish, present the bottle of whisky.
As the purpose of your evening is to raise funds, this is a painless way of boosting the takings and will take up only five minutes of your time.
Have a pot of £1 coins so that nobody has the excuse that they haven't any change.
If you're not confident in your own abilities, ask somebody charismatic to run the game so that people have a smile on their faces as they're parted from their money.
Don't miss this opportunity to earn extra money. Presumably, everyone at your event has come along to support the cause and won't be surprised to find that they've opened their wallets and purses again.


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