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How to open RAR files

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Large amounts of data are usually compressed (converted) into RAR files in order to save space when uploading or downloading data. Most commonly you will come across RAR files when you download data using Torrent clients. Unpacking RAR files to see the data within them is very simple and there is an efficient and free program to do it with.
What you'll need: 
Winrar (FREE)
Firstly head on over to the link referenced below.
Now chose from the English options at the top depending on which system you run. You will most likely run on a 32bit system ( see link below to find out).
Once you have downloaded the program, install it. The installation menu's are incredibly straightforward, so no worries.
Now locate the RAR files you wish to unpack.
Right click on the RAR file. Unpack the files in the folder they are now by clicking "EXTRACT HERE"
The unpacked files should now be visible.
Opening RAR files is very easy. Now that you have learnt the way to do them, go and enjoy unpacking!
The RAR file will still contain compressed data after being extracted
If you don't know what system you have, use below refrence
Do not unpack on your Desktop as it may clutter it


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