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How to open a coconut

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They say there's more than one way to skin a cat - and they're probably right. Likewise, there are certain to be a number of methods to break into a coconut; but this is the technique I use: it's quick, relatively painless and my kids love it. Read on to find out why!
What you'll need: 
A corkscrew (all-metal if possible)
A mug or wide-mouthed cup
A hard and clean surface (preferably outside)
Locate the three pits on the upper surface of your coconut.
Using a robust corkscrew,screw into one of the holes. Experiment to find the easiest hole and the best angle. Pull out the 'plug' of coconut as if it were a cork.
Ideally repeat with the other two holes but you may find it easier to settle with two.
Place the coconut, holes down, over a mug or wide-brimmed cup to drain the milk (which can be drunk or used in cooking).
Now for the fun bit! Call the kids and tell them you have a really technical, sophisticated way to open the coconut.
Take it outside, make sure all of children stand well back, and throw it high in the air, above a hard, clean surface.
As the coconut lands it will normally break into big chunks, ready for sharing. Kids seem to find this method hilarious.
Don't use a valuable antique corkscrew. Coconut shells are notoriously tough.
Please ensure your children stand well back to avoid being hit by the falling coconut.


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