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How to multitask

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In our modern 24/7 world being able to do 25 things at once is becoming more and more expected of everyone, particularly parents, but are there any short cuts or tips for getting more out of your day?
Make use of every spare second. When you are en route to a meeting/work, spend time doing strategic planning, thinking ahead, reading or making notes.
Do several things at once. Don’t just drop the kids off at ballet. Take the post/shopping list/library books and cut down on journeys. Always plan ahead.
Prioritise. Be very clear about what you need to do now, what can wait for a while and what is a total waste of time.
Network like crazy at every opportunity and learn to delegate. Delegation can be a difficult skill to master if you don't like to ask others for help, but you might find that other people want to help and might benefit from being asked to step up to the plate.
Only do tasks that are really necessary or that you actually like doing. Remember no household ever fell apart because someone didn’t do the ironing every week.
Keep a constant stream of lists going and remember to cross out all the things you have done so you feel some sense of achievement, even if the list just seems to get longer. Only look at one day at a time on a calendar, but mark on the calendar in advance events that need longer term planning, eg, holidays, allowing several weeks margin before longer term planning becomes emergency planning.
Use technology to give you the edge so you can check emails en route to work and buy yourself more time, but ensure that this does not increase your workload. It should buy you flexibility to do other things during the day, not mean you are a slave to your work at all times.
Always do all the organisational work that can be done on the phone, such as organising childcare, while on the move. If this can be done via text or email, then this can save long conversations on the phone about family gossip and you can have those conversations face to face when you meet up.
Keep on top of bills and other paperwork as soon as they come in. This saves time remembering to do it later and stops those lingering feelings that you might have forgotten something important.
Cram as much as you can into the week, but allow yourself some regular relaxation time every week or all your multi-tasking mastery will be to no avail as you will expire before you get to enjoy the benefits.


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