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How To Move House With A Dog

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We have to realise that moving house can be just as stressful for pets. According to Signposts For Country Living, a large number of people now give a tremendous amount of thought to the family dog when actually choosing a new home, so we also need to give some thought to the actual removal day.
Depending on your dog’s temperament, consider whether it might be better to kennel while the move is in progress, but this will depend on the distance between the old and new home, and may not be practical.
Dogs enjoy the thrill of new places, although they may be prone to stress during the packing period. Try to keep one corner in the house that remains untouched with all the right doggy smells and possessions for reassurance.
Make sure the dog doesn’t get caught up with the excitement of all the activity, and runs off while the removal men are constantly in and out of the house – this applies both at the old address and the new one.
Consider asking a neighbour to dog-sit while the van-loading is in progress.
Have a bowl and container of water handy with Replace (or similar) from a local pet shop, to prevent dehydration during the journey. This is a glucose solution given to greyhounds after racing, and acts as an instant pick-me-up.
If your dog is travelling inside the car with the family, keep the lead attached to the collar at all times during the journey. When the journey is a long one, allow time to make regular stops for the dog to stretch its legs, and have a drink – the lead prevents it from jumping out unexpectedly and running off … or being run over.
On arrival at the new house, make sure that the dog’s bed with all its favourite smells and possessions goes in its permanent spot so as to establish territory. Feed when all the excitement has died down for the day but make sure there is plenty of drinking water.
If making arrangements well in advance, a B&B near the new house might even extend a welcome to the dog should you decide to take advantage of a nightly bath and hot meal while unpacking.
Unless the garden at the new home is secure make sure that the dog can’t escape, and here is a good time to stress the importance of making arrangements with the vet to have him micro-chipped in case of accident. Dogs are great explorers and it wouldn’t be uncommon for him to go on the run for the sheer hell of it – micro-chipping ensures that you will be notified if he’s apprehended!


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