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How To Move House With A Cat

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Cats present far more of a problem than dogs when moving house, since they hate upheaval. It wouldn’t be unusual for the cat to sense a change is about to happen and go on the missing list some days before the removal date. As a result, the whole family is thrown into turmoil with younger members refusing to leave unless the animal is found.
What you'll need: 
Roomy cat basket
Tin of pilchards
Consider putting the cat into a cattery while the preparations are in progress, but this may depend on the distance between the old house and the new one.
To prevent an escape, it will be necessary for the cat to be shut in the house for several days before moving, and for at least 48 hours after the move.
Make sure that the cat basket or travelling crate has bedding with a familiar smell. If the cat is nervous place a lightweight cloth over the front of the basket so the cat cannot see out.
On arrival select one room at the new house that can be shut off from all activity and put the cat in there with food, water, a litter tray, and a cushion or coat with your familiar smell on it.
At the end of the day when everyone is in for the night, let the cat out of the room, making sure that all the doors and windows are firmly closed. Let it explore without interference, but put him back in the room before recommencing unpacking in the morning.
Try to keep the cat in for at least two days before letting it outside, and then only do this just before feeding time. Cats are sensitive creatures and may need a medicinal tin of pilchards or tuna to convince them that life is still worth living.
This is a good time to stress the importance of making arrangements with the vet to have the cat micro-chipped in case of accident or loss. Cats have been known to return to their former home and refuse to settle in the new one - micro-chipping ensures that you will be notified if he goes missing.


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