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How to mix concrete

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Of course, the easiest way to mix concrete is to buy or hire a concrete mixer. A cheaper method is to mix by hand. Use the following method to save yourself some cash!
What you'll need: 
Coarse aggregate (e.g. gravel)
Fine aggregate (e.g. sand)
Large bucket
Watering can
Fill your bucket with fine aggregate, scraping it off levelwith the shovel. Pour it out and make a heap on the floor.
Repeat Step 1.
Fill your bucket with cement, scraping it off level with your shovel. Pour your cement onto the aggregate and mix well.
Next, fill your bucket with the coarse aggregate. Level off and add to the mixture.
Repeat Step 4 twice and mix well.
Turn the whole mixture over with your shovel at least three times to ensure it is fully mixed.
Form a heap with a crater in the centre. Gradually add about three-quarters of a bucket of water.
Gradually shovel material from the outside of the heap into the moist crater. Be careful not to collapse the crater walls or you will lose your water.
When fully mixed, turn the whole heap with your shovel. If it is still not moist enough, form a new heap and sprinkle on extra water with a can.
Use the edge of your shovel to test consistency. If you can make a clear cut in the mixture, which doesn't immediately dissolve, your mixture is well-balanced.


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