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How to manually add a game on Xfire

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This is a quick guide on how to manually add a game on Xfire so that you can quick launch it and so that the hours are counted. This is method is used when Xfire does not automatically detect certain games.
What you'll need: 
Xfire account
The game you wish to add must be installed
Open the Xfire window and log in using your account details.
Click the 'Tools' tab once logged in.
Click 'Options'
Click the 'Games' tab.
Wait for Xfire to automatically detect games then once the screen has loaded double click on 'Not Installed' to bring up a large list of games. Find your game, click on any game and press the first letter of your game (for example press G if your game is Gears of War) to bring the games beginning with G. Find and highlight your game.
Then click on ''Automatically detect' tab but select the 'Manually detect' option instead.
This will allow you to click the 'Browse' tab below. You can now find the directory of the game. This means you need to find where you installed the game. It is usually installed in the C: Drive>Programme files>'Name of Publisher folder'>'Name of Game folder'>. Find the game folder, highlight it and click open.
Once done, click apply. You can now quick launch the game from Xfire as well as having your hours played counted!
At times, Xfire may not detect certain games you have installed thus your hours will not be counted and you will not have the ability to quick launch the game or even join multiplayer matches with your Xfire buddies. This quick and easy guide shows you how to manually add games in a matter of seconds. And it works!



Was going to rage trying to add San Andreas Mod! :@


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