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How To Make a Zombie Cocktail

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One of the family of great rum cocktails which includes the Mai Tai, Scorpion, Planter's Punch and Rum Runner, the Zombie is a complex, multi-layered cocktail. There is an 'original' recipe but, as with many of the cocktail greats, the Zombie comes in many shapes and forms. It is therefore for the discerning drinker to decide which best suits their tastes.
What you'll need: 
Boston shaker
Collins glass/Large tumbler
Rum (white, gold and dark)
Apricot/cherry brandy
Pineapple juice
Orange juice
Papaya juice
Fresh lime
151 overproof rum
Orgeat (almond syrup)
Fill the mixing glass with fresh cubed ice. Into the mixing glass pour 20ml/.6oz of white rum, 20ml/.6oz of golden rum and 20ml/.6oz of dark rum.
Add 10ml/0.3oz of apricot or cherry brandy, 10ml/0.3oz of fresh pineapple juice, 30ml/1oz of fresh orange juice and the juice of half a lime.
Add 10ml/0.3oz of fresh papaya juice and a dash of orgeat (almond syrup) before sealing with the Boston tin and shaking vigorously until the tin frosts over.
Strain into an ice-filled Collins glass or a large tumbler. Float the overproof rum on top of the finished drink before garnishing with a fresh cherry and a slice of orange.
Use high quality rums as they are a dominant flavour in the finished drink.
If papaya juice is unavailable simply double the pineapple juice.
If orgeat syrup isn't available, add a dash of amaretto and a dash of sugar syrup.
Be aware that the though it may not necessarily taste overly strong the zombie has a high alcohol content.
Only use a dash of 151 overproof rum as it contains 75% alcohol.


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