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How To Make Your Own Wand

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You may need a wand for a party costume or just for your own personal enjoyment. Here is a basic way to make your own wand. It can be used for a wizard or witch’s costume at Halloween or costume parties.
What you'll need: 
Your chosen twig or stick
Sharp blade
Sand Paper (optional)
Glue (optional)
Glass jewels (optional)
Take the twig or stick and scrape the bark off with the sharp blade. If the ends are rough, you can cut it out off a bit with the sharp blade. You can leave the bark on if you want it to have a natural appearance.
If you want your wand to have a softer feel you can sand it down with the sand paper at this point.
You wand is now ready to be decorated. Use the glue to stick glass jewels all around the top part of the wand.
Let the glue dry. Your wand is now ready to use.
Use your imagination and be as decorative as you want if you are decorating your wand. You can also just paint it black, silver or gold if you like. Personalize the wand to match you character.
You can pick your chosen twig or stick from a park. Make sure the stick is not mouldy or rotten.
Take care when cutting with the blade. Take your time and don’t rush.


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