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How to make your own shimmering body lotion

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If it's an evening out and you want to look your glamourous best, why settle for less? Add shimmer and shine to your personality with this easy do-it-yourself task.
What you'll need: 
Shimmer powder or glittering pigment
Body lotion
Take a handful of body lotion and mix a bit of shimmering pigment in it.
Now apply it to your body to add some sparkle to your appearance.
If you want to convert your simple humble body lotion into something more sassy, go ahead and take the lid off, mix into it the shimmering pigment in a good quantity.
And, voila, a normal moisturiser is ready to give you a sparkling new look!
Since the body lotion will be cream-based and not powder-based, the glitter will stay on your skin for a long time.
Try it for a night out and apply it all over your body to get a great effect!
Do not overdo the shimmer in the lotion lest you look the shiny one out!
Don't let the shimmer go into your eyes
Don't inhale the shimmer pigment


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