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How to make your own lip balm

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We all find ourselves buying way too much same-coloured lip balms but in different shades, or just way too much lip balm in general. It ends up costing a fortune yet we find ourselves in the same trap time and time again. It’s so much cheaper as well as fun to make your very own!
What you'll need: 
petroleum jelly
an old lip balm case
a spoon
a mixing dish
a lip brush
Scoop some petroleum jelly onto a mixing dish (Vaseline will work fine). Note, the more jelly you put on the mixing dish, the more lip balm you will end up with.
Add a little eyeshadow colour of your choice to the petroleum jelly.
Mix together the petroleum jelly and eyeshadow. The petroleum jelly will also ensure the lips are moisturized, while the eyeshadow will create an envious, long-lasting colour.
Test your home made lip balm with a lip brush.
When you’re happy with your choice of colour, scoop it into your old lip balm case and you’re finished!
Enjoy your new lip balm and remember don’t throw away old eyeshadow, turn them into lip colours!
To make the colour more intense, add some more eyeshadow or a stronger pigment to the mix.
Other eyeshadow colours can be added to make a more unique colour choice.
Old blush can also be used as well as concealer for a nuder colour


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